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The Sims 2 Patch Seasons CD/DVD

Kategoria: Patche
Producent: Electronic Arts
Licencja: Freeware Licencja
Data dodania: 05 luty 2009, 12:24
Rozmiar: 45.5 MB
System operacyjny: Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, NT
Liczba pobrań: 969


Jest to oprogramowanie udostępniane bezpłatnie. Programy objęte tą licencją mogą być wykorzystywane nieodpłatnie. Zabronione jest natomiast czerpanie korzyści majątkowych przez osoby trzecie z dystrybucji takiego oprogramowania. Czasem licencja freeware zawiera ograniczenia (np. oprogramowanie jest darmowe wyłączine do użytku domowego).

Opis dodatku - The Sims 2 Patch Seasons CD/DVD

Patch należy instalować gdy w napędzie znajduje się płyta z grą.

Poprawka zmienia wiele drobnych błędów jakie wykryto w grze, min.: zachowywanie się postaci, przemieszczanie się oraz spotkania.
Pełna lista zmian jakie wprowadza patch w języku angielskim:

  • Custom objects will now be preserved when uploading Lots to the Exchange.
  • Musician Career Track career reward (Rock Hammer) now has audio functioning correctly.
  • Sim Babies no longer cry excessively
  • Sims will no longer pop out of the pool to recognize that it’s raining.
  • Sims will no longer use chairs placed on roofs while performing certain interactions.
  • Drinking Orangeade will now add random badge points correctly.
  • PlantSim babies that age to adults will now maintain their PlantSim outfit in their clothing inventory
  • PlantSim Toddlers will now not lose their PlantSim outfit after planning outfit with changing table.
  • In Education Career Level 4, Sim will now actually lose 475 Simoleans as the UI states, and not get demoted.
  • In Education level 7, Sims will no longer lose all their Simoleans and get demoted, but rather lose the amount shown in the UI as expected.
  • Players will now be warned before the Social Worker takes away children for temperature neglect.
  • Skating on rinks will now increase a Sim’s fitness level.
  • Children will no longer stop dancing unexpectedly as nanny plays the Rock Hammer guitar.
  • Un-moveable maple trees in neighborhood view will no longer appear at random.
  • Fish will no longer become stuck on lot if set on sale while penguin attempts to eat it.
  • Sims will no longer lose “fun” while playing the piano.
  • Inventory will now update visually when using "undo" after inventory is empty.
  • Items can no longer be permanently lost from inventory by using undo and then immediately selecting other Rewards tabs.
  • Seasonal Progression from home lot will now properly transfer to owned community lots.
  • Trash compactors can now be repaired by Service NPC Repairman.
  • Watering a plant in a greenhouse while it is raining will no longer cause the plant to weep from being overwatered.
  • Sims will no longer remain in the Energizer after all motives are charged.
  • Drinking Orangeade without Open for Business installed will no longer display an incorrect skill badge.
  • Primp self-interaction is again available.
  • Trees placed in Neighborhood View are now again visible in Lot View.
  • Sims will no longer spontaneously combust so easily (hot tubs, exercise machines, etc.).
  • Sims will no longer become permanently stuck on rinks if lot is moved while Sims are currently skating.
  • Barista will no longer stops working after a Sim notices it’s raining or snowing.
  • “Latipsoh Green” Linoleum floor is no longer replaced by the "Neutral Sand" Linoleum floor.
  • Sims will now much more rarely route through swimming pools when trying to reach locations.
  • Snow saved on Community Lots will now melt properly.
  • Sims will no longer take repeated baths or showers when cold.
  • Vampires will now not get out of their coffin in the daytime to watch weather.
  • Skill points gained from eggplant juice will now properly trigger wants.
  • Dialogue box to rename your pets will now longer refer to them as a PlantBaby
  • Pets will no longer sink into the ground when Sims interact with Water Wiggler.
  • Children no longer levitate when watching TV Sports Channel.
  • Ottomas twins’ father data is now correct.
  • Stuffed rainbow trout will no longer shift below the pan during cooking.
  • Sims will no longer die as easily by being struck by lightning.
  • Visiting “Townie” Sims will not die as often when struck by lightning.
  • Sims will be smarter about seeking out the shortest path to take to player-directed locations.
  • “It's Raining” interactions will not continue to occur after a Sim has seen the weather several times.
  • Teens who happen to age to an adult at the top of Music Career Track on a work day will no longer 'miss work' and get negative job performance.
  • Teens sent to University can now successfully complete their first Semester.
  • Arch doorways will now trigger Sims to change to Outerwear during winter.
  • Children will no longer levitate when they watch a birth.


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