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NHL: Eastside Hockey Manager 2005 - patch v2.1.3

Kategoria: Patche
Producent: Sports Interactive
Licencja: Licencja
Data dodania: 17 wrzesień 2009, 13:45
Rozmiar: 15.33 MB
System operacyjny: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Liczba pobrań: 625

Opis dodatku - NHL: Eastside Hockey Manager 2005 - patch v2.1.3

Patch do NHL: Eastside Hockey Manager 2005 to rzecz niezbędna dla każdego posiadacza tego tytułu. Dlaczego? Dlatego, że patch NHL: Eastside Hockey Manager 2005 poprawia grę we wszystkich aspektach, zaś imponujaca lista ulepszeń znajduje się poniżej:


Tweaked NHL All-Star Game news items about roster selections
Fixed Memorial Cup host selection news item to appear properly

Fixed last 10 games display on game preview screen when less than 10 games are played
Fixed the line matching options to display matched lines in the order explained in the manual
Added a new line matching option
Tweaked default sorting rules on draft screens

Tweaked salary cap rules and calculations for NHL

Tweaked handling of salary cap restrictions and players on injured reserves when human managing but not coaching

Allowed NHL contracted players already playing in minor leagues to be sent on loan without clearing waivers

Tweaked player evaluations in trades and roster management

Match Engine

Tweaked excessive fighting in lower leagues to more realistic levels

Tweaked the occurance of line brawls

Tweaked home ice advantages and team streakiness


Fixed storing of league winners/runner ups for QMJHL

Fixed home advantage for the first two rounds of the Finnish league playoffs

Fixed resetting Memorial Cup history

Fixed AAL3 scheduling error

Added an extra goal to the final boxscore for the team winning in shootout

Added an extra goal scored to the standings for the team winning in shootout

Fixed winning percentage calculation in leagues using games won per games played combined with no ties

Fixed European Hockey Tour points calculation for shootout results (fix takes effect for first new season or a new game)

Fixed overtime win points for Finnish First Division

Fixed CHL-Russia Challenge series to play all stages normally even after first season

Changed CHL-Russia Challenge to select only canadian players for the CHL teams


Fixed evaluation of players for sportsmanship and humanitarian awards


Fixed random name generation when using no real player names from game startup

Tweaked the generic player hall of hame selection limits

Tweaked board update news to evaluate roster costs better for leagues with a salary cap

Fixed some missing NHL rights via the extra_config.cfg file

Tweaked players to try and keep their jersey number when moving teams

Fixed a possible case where user could run out of disk space when saving without getting an error message

Changes from v2.1.1 to v2.1.2


National team match reports for USA/Canada now sent to all NHL GMs


Tweaked the salary roundings in the contract offer screen

Fixed the offer sheet approaches to display in the player profile

Fixed matching offer sheets in action menu

Fixed display values for non-players when ALT_DISPLAY_VALUES is turned on in extra_config.cfg

Fixed search filter rangers when ALT_DISPLAY_VALUES is turned on in extra_config.cfgTrades/Transfers/Contracts

Tweaked the player salary demands (especially RFAs)

Tweaked player contract evaluation (reactions to long term offers)

Tweaked handling of waived players in trade offers

Tweaked signing of european players in the summer of their draft

Tweaked the untouchable players recognition by AI teams in trade negotiations

Fixed and tweaked compensation pick moving after accepted offer sheets

Fixed the matching of offer sheets and news item timings

Tweaked the staff signing efficiency of AHL teams

Tweaked the international transfer window forward slightly to prevent summer signings from playing in the SC finals

Tweaked junior eligibility for North America so players who have already played 4 seasons of major junior can be sent to AHL

Match Engine

Tweaked the icing calls in certain scenarios

Renamed the UK fighting penalties to be called "fighting" instead of "roughing"

Tweaked application of human selected shoot-out choices when Head Coach behind the bench

Tweaked scoring levels

Tweaked benchings

Tweaked linematching


Fixed UK Cup to have no extra time in group games

Fixed scheduling problem in the Danish Elite league where a game would be scheduled in July


Tweaked board salary allowances when close to the cap

Fixed missing default for the sound setting in game setup screen

Players no longer get added to shortlist when scouting own players individually

Changes from v2.1.0 to v2.1.1


Tweaked trade inquiry news item


Tweaked goalie selection display on the roster screen

Tweaked the display of the unit tactics lock icon


Tweaked trade values of mid-range players

Tweaked AI to try and trade players if over the cap rather than buying them out if in the off-season

Match Engine

Some additional tweaks to fighting levels across the leagues


Fixed some playoff stage identification problems

Tweaked all pre-season and training camp start dates to match new schedules better

Tweaked NHL roster limit enforcement dates

Added the new UK Elite penalty rules on fighting

Enforced Elite league penalty rules on UK Cup as well

Tweaked league winners staff record tracking for minor leagues


Fixed a rare regeneration bug that caused duplication of player stats

Changes from v2.0.2 to v2.1.0

Main season updates

Updated all leagues to use 2005/06 league rules and schedules where information was available at the time

Updated database according to offseason transactions up to the last week of August

Updated database with the 24% rollback on NHL salaries

Updated the officially announced key elements of the new NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Added new AHL team logos for the new teams

Updated new NHL shield logo


Fixes to All Star news

Fixes to OHL Priority Selection news item

Fixes to ban appeal and referee complaint news items

Fixes to player/staff regeneration news items

Fixes to some news items that never came up before

Tweaked contract signing news item


Fixed a scouting report crash on retired players

Star players shown on human team screen as well

Added notifications for human players to get back under the cap if over

Fixes league info screen navigation when league in question is inactive

Updated standings layouts for different leagues

Added the national team nationality even for small nations to the search filter menu to help search for available players

Changed "View Team Report" to appear disabled in the Actions menu if no Assistant GM available, instead of it not being shown at all

Updated waiver eligibility screen according to new CBA

Added notifications for human GM's who let the Head Coach control games but leave the roster in violation against certain league rules (veteran rules, overage rules...)

Added the option to switch goalies on the roster screen without going to tactics

Fixed U20 national team name display on a few screens

Added a contract view to non-player staff search screen

Most Team Ties in League History now hidden for leagues where there's a shootout in regular season games


Disabled cash from NHL trade offers according to the new CBA

Updated the Russian post-season transfer window

Tweaked NHL salaries to fit the new financial landscape

Updated all entry drafts according to new number of teams and eligibility rules

Removed NHL waiver draft according to new CBA

Tweaked trades to consider salary caps and finances better

Added option to set prospects as untouchable

Roster management tweaks for NHL teams regarding new CBA

AI teams can now make inquiries as well

Fixed a contract bug where try-outs (and possibly loans) did not end on time

Updated NHL trade deadline and roster freezes

Tweaked trade negotiations

Contract unhappiness tweaks

Tweaks to NHL team trade modes at the start of the game due to the missed season and new CBA

Updated the NHL/Europe transfer agreement

Tweaked NHL roster management for sending players back to juniors

Increased the chances for a team not wanting to trade a player to a rival team

Tweaked roster management for junior teams with overage players

Disabled cash from major junior trade offers

Match Engine

Tweaks to scoring levels and tactics according to new NHL rules

Tweaks to player motivation levels in playoff games

Tweaks to player motivation levels during long winning/losing streaks

Fixed playing rules for Russian league playoffs OT

Tweaks to fighting levels in different leagues

Playoff scoring tweaks


Tweaked playoff series home venue alteration patterns

ECHL salary cap tweak

Updated the ECHL veteran rule for 2005/6 - NHL/AHL players assigned/loaned are exempt if they are under 24, and the professional games played limit is now 260

Fixes on OHL overage rules

US minor league roster limit fixes

US minor league salary cap fixes

US minor league veteran limit fixes

Small fixes to league team records tracking

Added a one-off special case for an underage player in OHL


Added some missing ECHL awards

Added some missing OHL awards

Added some missing DEL awards

Added missing NHL award (Saving Grace)

Fixed Russian league best defenseman award

Added missing QMJHL award (Marcel Robert Trophy)

Added Interliga awards

Added some US minor league awards

Tweaked NHL Rookie Allstar selections

Jennings Trophy tweaks for NHL

Added Three Stars Award for the major juniors


Fixed note reminders issue introduced in v2.0.2

Fixed staff record entry on players first international game

Media/player happiness tweaks

Tweaked the generation of random names

Fixed to tracking of team and league records

Tweaked potential ability randomness ranges

Added ability to assign scouts to individual players on your own team

Club history fixes for national teams

Fixed U20 national team roster selection from major juniors in certain cases

Tweaked human manager scoring when applying for new management jobs

Tweaked player development to reflect mental abilities a bit better

Tweaked NHL finances heavily to add local TV revenue and to match real life models better

Leave of absense action fix

Added more pressure on GM's getting fired more often

Tweaked scouting for the draft

Tweaked Head Coach firings

Network games show all highlights when viewing games

User can now search for people born in a city within the fast find

Fixed retirement announcement timings to give the announcement well in advance of the actual retirement

Player stats fix when moving to a non-playing role mid-season

Tweaked player rehab

Tuned finances for all the leagues to reduce big profits

Fixed a scout bug that caused some big name players to be filtered out of the player search results

Retired numbers tweaks to ensure that the player numbers retired are more realistic

Added config to allow configuration of players who should definately have their numbers retired

No player/coaches as captains in European leagues



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